Cleaning tips for dog owners

Dogs can be wonderful companions and can bring a great deal of joy into their owners' lives. However, there are some downsides to dog ownership, one of which is the huge amount of dirt, hair and odours these creatures leave around a home. If you're struggling to keep your house in good condition because of your beloved pet's presence, here are a few tips which should help.

Manage and reduce odours

There are several reasons why your dog might be making your home smell rather unpleasant. Firstly, each time they are allowed out in the garden to play or brought to the park for a walk, they will bring home a collection of soil and debris in their paws and fur. Secondly, dogs perspire (in part) through the sweat glands in their paws, which means that they leave a trail of sweat everywhere that they walk or rest, including on your sofas and floors as well as in their own beds. Thirdly, if your pet pooch is not yet fully toilet trained or is a senior dog with bladder issues, they have probably had more than the occasional accident on your floors. All of these factors combined can make even the cleanest of homes smell decidedly odorous.

To tackle this problem, begin by hoovering your furniture and floors. This will remove most of the dog hair, soil particles and other loose debris they have tracked into the house. If you allow your pet to snooze on your bed, you should also take off the sheets and hoover both sides of the mattress to remove every single hair. Then, take all of your throws, blankets, cushion covers, pillow cases, sheets and removable sofa and armchair covers and put them in a wash with a high-quality laundry detergent. This should help to eliminate any persistent odours.

To prevent smells from building up in the future, consider purchasing one or two inexpensive throws that your dog can lie on when they want to rest on the sofa or the bed. This throw will act as a barrier that will reduce the amount of dirt, grime and hair that they leave behind on your furniture. Additionally, make sure to clean up any toilet-related accidents immediately after they occur, particularly if they happen on carpeting, as the longer the mess is left there, the more likely it will be to seep into the deeper carpet fibres and leave a long-lasting odour.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned

Whilst, as mentioned above, a thorough hoovering will greatly reduce the amount of hair on your floors and furniture, it won't be powerful enough to get rid of those hairs that have become embedded into the lower layer of the carpet (this is especially true for those who have deep-pile carpeting). Additionally, your dog's toilet mishaps can cause stains and smells which standard household cleaners aren't strong enough to completely remove. This combination of hair, discoloured patches and odours can make your carpet look old before its time.

Those who provide a professional carpet cleaning service will have the expertise as well as the heavy-duty cleaning agents and equipment required to restore the appearance of your carpets. Depending on the condition of your flooring, they will employ one of two methods: chemical or steam cleaning. The former involves using liquid chemicals which capture any residue or dirt hidden in a carpet as they dry out. After the drying process is complete, the granules, along with the accompanying dirt particles, are hoovered up. The latter involves releasing hot water into the carpet with great force, so as to dislodge soil particles and embedded hairs. This dirty water is then carefully extracted using a special piece of equipment, leaving behind a perfectly clean, stain-free carpet.

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